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BELT: Of Upper Spring Creek.

In a "History of Our Western Border" by Lucius C. McWhorter, which deals mainly with the early settlements of Marrison County, it is stated that the "Belts" of the pioneer people were descendants of a certain Captain "Broadbelt" of the Revolution, and one branch of these descendants dropped the first syllable and called themselves just plain "Belt," and another branch of the family tree used the name in the form, "Bent,' 'and in those names conveyed lands, married and signed papers.

Hedgmon Belt and his wife Sarah Ann (Nichols) Belt were the first of the name to settle in Roane County, and came here from Lewis County, Western Virginia, where Hedgman was born, March 16, 1833, son of Delana and Hester (Golden) Belt, natives of Fauquier County, Virginia, who settled in the Monongahela Valley, Delana having served in the War of 1812. Sarah Ann, the wife of Hedgmon, was born in Lewis County, Western Virginia, May 16, 1833, married Hedgmon there January 15, 1856. She was a daughter of John and Nancy (Bailey) Nichols, born in Harrison County (the part later Lewis County) ; the former, 1807; the latter, 1812. Both the Belts and Nieholas were in Roane as early as 1865. The Belts made their home farm on head of Charles Fork, Spring Creek.

To Hedgmon and Sarah Ann (Nichols), his wife, were born and by them reared the following named children.

Challenge F., born 1856, married Miss Gay Arnold; D. Scott, 1860; John Christoy, 1862; Sheridan P., 1866; Emma A., 1867, married John C. Tuttle; Jacob M., born 1870; Henry W., 1872; Della A., 1874; Hedgman David, September 30, 1876; and Cammie, 1878. Cammie married Rossel Garrett Thompson, son of F. Marrion Thompson of upper Spring Creek, 24th April, 1900; her age, 21; his, 24. Hedgman D., of above, married Miss Blanche Eva Hinzman, March 1, 1905.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927, William H. Bishop, Esq., p 446-447
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, October 1, 1999

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