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BLOSSER: Of Reedy pioneers.

Henry Blosser, son of a colonial family who settled in Pennsylvania prior to the Revolution, is first known as a frontier soldier in defense of the fort at Wheeling; at that place he married Miss Isabell Stewart in what is now Green County, Penn~ylvania; she was a sister of Wil-liam and Charles Stewart also stationed at or near Wheeling; all these with their wives and children came to "Three Forks" of Reedy, arriving about the year 1816, acquired lands adjoining that of the Stewarts, and there lived out their allotted years. To Henry and Isabelle (Stewart) Blosser, his wife, were born and reared two sons and two daughters, whose names and marriages are as follows:

Robert, who married Susan Murray, 1857, he then thirty-five years of age.

Isaac, whose marriage we do not know.

Matilda became the wife of Neddie Greathouse of the pioneer family of that name near "Tanners Crossroads."

Jane married Peter Conrad, Sr., of lower Reedy.

Isabelle married Arnold Starcher of Henry Fork country.

Robert Blosser of the above family is the man who lost his life in the tragic mill explosion, related in the History of Reedy District: Chapter V.

To Robert and Susan (Murray) Blosser, his wife, were horn the following children:

John H. married Miss P. Jane Straight, daughter of James A. Straight, of Spring Creek country, May 1, 1884; his age 26, her's 18; he lived many years at Reedy; was partner with S. B. Seaman, Jr., in erection and running the first steam flouring mill at Reedy.

Peter married Miss Olive L. Board, 7th August 1887; his age 25, her's 23; "At Good Hope Baptist Church."

Robert C. married Mary Wyatt October 14, 1894; he then 31, she 23 years of age. "At the bride's parents home."

Susan C. married Charles F. Gough of Reedy, September 1, 1882.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927, William H. Bishop, Esq., p 451-452
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, October 1, 1999

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