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James Adkinson and his wife Margaret (Templeton), whom he had married in Marietta, Ohio, she a daughter of an early settler on the Little Muskingum River, with some of their first children, acquired a large tract of forest land on Colt Run of Left Reedy Creek, about the first of the decade, 1850; made here the average sufficient farm for the times. And here brought up their family of four sons and four daughters, their names, Sarah, Eliza, Nancy, Mary Ann, Charles, Ceorge, James Jr., and Leander Loch.

Marriages of some of the above sons and daughters:
Sarah married Thomas McGraw, December 12, 1864.
Eliza married Bert Dalrymple, see name Dalrymple.
Nancy and Mary Ann's marriages we do not find.
Charles, son of James and Margaret Adkinson, married Miss Sarah Evilsizer, in Roane County, May 10, 1879.
George and James's marriages not found.

Leander Loch Adkinson, son of James and Margaret, his wife, was born in the year 1858; on November 12, 1880, married Miss Elizabeth Nester, of Tanners Run of Spring Creek.

Leander L., in recent years has become wealthy from petroleum oil income; has acquired the old Roach farm on Middle Reedy, or nearly all of it; where he yet lives, holds stock in the banks of Reedy Town and does his part as a good citizen. To Leander and Elizabeth Jane (Nester) his wife, have been born and by them brought up three sons and three daughters, all or most of them have married and have families.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927, William H. Bishop, Esq., p 433
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, October 1, 1999

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