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BENT: Of Head of Spring Creek.

George Bent and his wife Elizabeth (Mitchell) Bent, who had united in marriage in Lewis County, Western Virginia, came to these parts with several of their first born children about the year 1849; acquired a large tract of forest land on the 'head of Spring Creek, next the divide, and through which State Route No.14 now passes; there made their home, brought up their family, and completed their span of life.

Their children were nine sons and four daughters whose names are, John, Eli, Vanburen, Jerome, Archelleus, Tarleton, Columbus, Arista S., Dempsey and James A.; Susan, Melissa, Elizabeth, and Amanda.

Of these we have the further information.

Jerome and Archeleus were soldiers in the Civil War, Confederate volunteers, and killed in battle near Richmond.

James A. Bent, born in 1855, and for twenty years has been a resident lawyer of Elkins, Randolph County. He is author of "Bent's Digest," the first digest of decisions of the Supreme Court of West Virginia.

Eli V. Bent, son of George and Elizabeth Bent, his wife, was born in Lewis County, Western Virginia, January 9, 1839; stayed with the old farm in Roane; was prominent in public affairs of the county for twenty-five years; elected and served one or more terms as a justice of the peace of Spencer District, some time in the 1880's; spoken of as "Squire Bent;" was ever a devout attendant of his church, the Methodist Protestant. His body lies in the cemetery of Hebron Church where he attended through many years of his life. He was twice married. First to Miss Catherine Cox, November 15, 1859, she a daughter of the early settlers, Isaac and Sarah (Nisely) Cox. We do not have the names of their children, if any. Carterine having died, Eli V. united in marriage with Miss Julia Smith, September 28, 1890. She was then 23 years of age and a daughter of James J. and Emma (Rogers) Smith of Big Sandy. The joint labor of Eli V. and Julia built the new frame farm dwelling and improved many fields. There they brought up their family, one daughter and two sons, whose names are Melissa, Kenna M., and Claud S.

Melissa married Pat A. Engle, of Geary District. (See family name, "Engie.")

Kenna M. Bent married Miss Ruby Snodgrass, 25th October, 1916; his age then 22, her's 20. They, with their children, have their home in the City of Spencer, in which he is one of the club men and business men.

Claud S. Bent married a Miss Moss; he also lives in Spencer, being an engineer at the Spencer Water and Ice Company plant, now the West Penn Electric Company.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927, William H. Bishop, Esq., p 447-448
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, October 1, 1999

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