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Drake Family Cemetery is located in Roane County West Virginia, on Two Run Branch of Sandy Creek,near Newton Wv. on Engles Farm.

Reading by Johnny K. and Anita S.Drake Hunt

Hulda H. Drake 1831-1905

Charles Drake 1826-1907

Sarah Anne wife of Charles 1826-1907

William Parrot Drake 9-16-1850 11-14-1918

Amanda Patton wife of W.P.Drake 5-31-1852 4-22-1911

Linsey Drake 5-19-1839 6-26-1901

Annie daughter of J.R. And S.E. Drake 4-29-1899 4-14-1911

Catherine Kiser 1st wife of N.J. Drake 1866 - 1889

Newton Jasper Drake 11-24-1865 10-10-1952

Wanda C.Drake 5-18-1870 9-4-1949

Floyd E.Drake 4-11-1895 8-19-1975
Emma E.Drake 3-13-1895 3-10-1952

Bessie Drake 1901-1951

Okey Drake 1903-1951

Zel Drake No date

Ira Drake No date

Lucy F. Drake 9-28-1877 10-19-1929

Bessie M.Drake 1907-1937

Will Drake no date

Sarah Drake no date

Infant of J.R. and E. Drake

Infant of J.R. and E. Drake

Sons of M.E and S.J. Drake,
George Drake 3-17-1913 7-1-1913
Parrott Drake 3-17-1913 7-3-1913

Son of M.E. and S.J. Drake Whecle Drake 5-29-1908 9-6-1913

Daniel Buster Drake son of Floyd and Emma Drake 8-21-1922 1-9-1936

Newton P. Drake 1-29-1926 8-29-1926

Barrett D Drake son of F.E. and E.E. Drake 12-24-1916 8-8-1917

Pauline Drake dau. D.J.and W.C. Drake born and died 1914

Elma E. Drake wife of Lloyd Seabolt 8-26-1916 11-6-1948

Charles C. Drake 1882-1963

James Russell Drake 10-18-1860 8-27-1947

Sarah Elizabeth Drake 1860-1940

Goldie Drake dau. A.B. and R.F. Drake

Emmoree Drake dau. A.B. and R.E. 7-15-1920 3-1-1921

Mae L. Drake Dau. of A.B. and R.E. Drake

Aaron B. Drake 3-15-1886 2-28-1980
Florence R. Drake 9-19-1891 9-6-1961

Samuel Drake Wv. FVT 128 Infantry 32 Div. 11-10-1889 3-16-1936
Minnie B. Drake 6-14-1893 8-3-1970

Son of S. and M.B. Drake 3-19-1910 5-8-1911

Harry C. Drake 1905-1908 Lillie K. Drake no date married 10-7-1931

Sherdian Tayor no date

2 unmarked graves

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