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LOWE: Of Upper Spring Creek and Spencer.

As to ancestry of this family, our definite information commences with Levi Lowe, an early settler in the country between the Greenbrier and New rivers, later included in Monroe County, and that his family came over there from the valley of the James River some time prior to the year 1793. From biographies and other literature it is observed that the Lowes were English and that some arrived in New England, others Pennsylvania and the Carolinas. Different spellings of the name is indulged in; it is observed that those of the North spell it "Low," in Virginia it is spelt "Lowe," and in the South both spellings appear.

Levi Lowe, above mentioned, was married or married, and he and his wife, about the year 1790, made their home there between Greenbrier and New rivers, and reared a family. Of these we have the following name: Bradley, Mathew, Joseph, Samuel; and daughters, Lethia, who married a Dinsmore, and Sallie, who married a Mr. Warren, or Waren.

Bradley Lowe, above mentioned, came to the upper Pocatalico and settled among the Vineyards and Looneys in the first of the decade, 1845 to 1855.

Mathew Lowe, of above mention, was born in 1793, and died in Roane County, 1884. He had married in Virginia, Miss Elizabeth Clark, born 1801, died 1856. Their first home for many years was in Monroe County, West Virginia, where all their children were born. The names of these: Charles B., Samuel H., Levi C., Morris J., Granville, John, Columbus. All these came to Roane County about the year 1855, likely having had a good report of the country from the Unkle Bradley, who had preceded them here by some years.

The wife, Elizabeth (Clark) Lowe, having died, Mathew married again. The children of this second marriage were: Adaline, who married William Arnott; Elizabeth Ramsey, Clementine Mann, Rebecca, Sinnett and Agnes Wyatt.

Further of above families:

Samuel Henry Lowe, son of Mathew and Elizabeth (Clark) Lowe, was born in Monroe County, Virginia, November 29, 1828; married Catherine Meadows, born March 28, 1832. This couple made their home on Rush Creek near Pocatalico, near Charles and Emeline, the brother and sister.

To Samuel Henry and Catherine, his wife, were born and brought up the following named sons and daughters:

Martha A., born March 25, 1852, married James W. Nida on December 15, 1878.

Henry A., January 9, 1854,V married Julia A. Pursley, November 25, 1875.

Mathew Thomas, October 16, 1855, married Miss A. A. Ferrell, October 27, 1878. Of this union a scon named Howard was born; and this first wife having died, Mathew T. married Miss Sarah Elizabeth Flesher, daughter of Dempsey Flesher, of. Reedy, on March 17, 1884.

Charles G. was born December 10, 1857, married Sarah E. Wade, November 11, 1876.

Floyd F., born February 18, 1860, married Malinda Santee, September 11, 1880.

Ward S.,February 25, 1862, married Emma S. Callow, of Reedy, November 26, 1886.

Louverna B., born April 8, 1864, married Peter C. Lodney, 1882.

Robert C., March 10, 1866, married Sallie O. Flesher, of Reedy, September 8, 1887.

Roxalana E., born January 8, 1868, married John Columbus Flesher, brother of above Fleshers, on December 9, 1886.

James Patrick, born April 26, 1870, married Miss Florence Workman, of Spencer, June 3, 1899.

Elizabeth C., born March 2, 1872, married William E. Burke on January 6, 1893.

George H. Lowe, born September 19, 1874, married Minnie Hersman, October 1, 1898.

All the foregoing sons and daughters of Samuel H. Lowe and Catherine, his wife, have made businesses, homes and readed families. James P. is a general merchant in Spencer. He and his wife, Florence D., have one son, Paul Lowe, now a young man of Spencer. Mathew T. died some years ago leaving the wife, Sarah Elizabeth (Flesher), and one son, Homer D. They are --1926-- proprietors and managers of the "Lowe Hotel," of the City of Spencer.

Charles B. Lowe, son of Mathew and Elizabeth (Clark) Lowe, his wife, united in marriage with Miss Emaline Meadows prior to formation of Roane County, all Pocatalico then being under the jurisdiction of Kanawha County.

Charles B. and Emaline acquired a tract of several hundred acres of land, all in dense forests, on Round Knob Branch of Pocatalico and made a hundred or more acres of it into clear and fertile fields. There spent the remainder of their lives, coveting nothing, envying no one. The names of the five sons and three daughters and marriage of each:

Henry J. to Julia Pursley, November 22, 1875.

Harvey Houston to Sarah Jane Hammack, October 2, 1873.

H. H. Lowe, widow, 40 years old, to N. J. Ryan, 39, February 16, 1890.

John C. Lowe to "Lucy" Lucinda Hundley, October 13, 1877.

James Anderson Lowe, 26, to Sarah J. Mitchell, 16, December 26, 1886.

Lewis Washington Lowe, 20, to Barbara Ellen Carpenter, 20, April 26, 1888.

Elizabeth S. Lowe to Wrilliam Snyder, March 2, 1868.

Pauline "Lina" Lowe to George Lawrence, December 9, 1871.

Mary Ann Lowe, 21, to George W. "Dock" Pursley, 26, March 5, 1885. He was born in Botetourt County, Virginia.

Morris J. Lowe, son of Mathew and Elizabeth (Clark) Lowe, was born in Monroe County, West Virginia, June 3, 1836. On September 29, 1859, married Miss Mary Camp, daughter of VVilliam Camp and his wife, of Spring Creek country; acquired a large tract of land in Walton District lying between Round Knob and Rush Creek of Poca. On this, in the forest they commenced, worked and achieved a home of satisfaction, a competence of old age and gave the country seven sons and three daughters, as follows:

Samuel L., born July 25, 1860, no marriage record here.

John J., born December 2, 1861, married Fannie J. Ferrell, 19, on March 1, 1888; William T., April 26, 1863, married Sallie Roberts, of Reedy, March 14, 1893; Elizabeth A., January 6, 1865, married Festus Sinnett, March 12, 1885, his age then 24; Henry J., born December 8, 1866, married Miss Ella G. Gibson, November 6, 1892, her age then 20; Mandevilla J., born January 6, 1868, married Miss Louise Hayes, daughter of G. Warren Hayes. Mandeville became a graduate physician, located in Parkersburg where he has practiced some fifteen years, known as Doctor Lowe. Everette C., seventh child of Morris J. and Mary, his wife, was born October 7, 1890, died; Charles C., born September 5, 1873, married Emma S. Sinnett, October 8, 1897, his age 23, her’s 20, a second marriage was to Lectra Canterbury; Martha S., and Addie E. (twins), born June 15, 1877; Martha S. married J. Kellum Snodgrass, October 16, 1898, ages, she 21, he 22; Addie E., married Melvin Snodgrass; Otmer Overton, born August 15, 1879, married Miss Theo Law, daughter of L. F. Law, of Spencer, died soon after marriage.

Of the above family, Henry J., excellent farmer near Spencer, is most widely known hereabout. He and his wife are the parents of Wilbur T. Lowe, the popular grocer, on Main Street; his wife, Erline (Goff) , whom he married August 15, 1919, his age 26, her’s then 20 years.

William T., son of Morris, above mentioned, has resided at Gandeeville for long, possibly ever since his marriage. He is a prominent farmer there, having all the comforts of a farm with village conveniences of gas for light and heat, and the paved State highway past his door.

Levi Clark Lowe, son of Mathew and Elizabeth (Clark), was born in Monroe County, Vi/est Virginia, August 8, 1823; on June 23, 1859, married Miss Sarah E. Camp, daughter of William Camp, who was at the time a recent arrival from Monroe County with his family. L. Clark was a school teacher, but soon acquired a farm on Charles Fork of Spring Creek, and there he and Sarah, his wife, made a comfortable home and brought up a family. The names of these children in order of respective births are as follows:

Sarah Jane, who married A. B. Jordan, died shortly afterward; Henry Clay, C. Edward, Morris Pembroke, Robert, Elton A. and Susie. Their marriages:

Henry Clay, at twenty years of age, to L. C. Gandee, 21, March 8, 1888; C. Edward, 29, to Dora B. Nichols, 19, on April 23, 1899; Morris Pembroke, 19, to Lillie B. Valentine, 18, October 29, 1880; Robert G., 23, to Eliza D. Stalnaker, 22, December 27, 1893; Elton A., 27, to L. 'E. Davis, 30, Janua1·y 30, 1902; Susie, 21, to Howard Snyder, 21, November 17, 1921.

Of this family of Levi Clark Lowe, Henry Clay resides in Spencer, and has for some years been rental payer for the United Fuel Gas Company.

Rev. Morris Pembroke Lowe resides on his farm, but is a Baptist preacher and in charge of various congregations in the county.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927 William H. Bishop, Esq. pp 591-594

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