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Gallahue/Douglas/Robey Family Cemetery is located on Windyville Road, across the road from the address 250 Windyville, where the old Gallahue home was. It is no longer there, and now holds modular home. The cemetery it is not visible from the road because of the pine trees. There is a right of way to walk up to the cemetery, but the hill is very steep. The cemetery set on top of the hill.

When Walter Gallahue passed away they used a horse and sled to take the coffin up to the cemetery. No family member attended the grave site, only the funeral directors and my grandfather, Brooks Davis, were witness. Anna’s funeral was on the front porch of the Gallahue house.

Alpheus Thomas (A.T.) Gallahue B: 18 Oct 1838 Monongalia Co. Virginia - D: 16 May 1922 Roane Co. West Virginia
Spouse: Sophia Hughes B: 1838 Monongalia Co. Virginia - D: 1916 Roane Co. West Virginia

Children: 6
1. Virginia "Jennie" R Gallahue B: Sept 1861 - D: 1954 Roane Co. West Virginia

2. Anna L. Gallahue B: March 1862 - D: 1949 Roane Co. WV
Anna had a child: J. K. (Kenna) Robey 1887-1912 Last census showed in 1910 age 22 single. He died 1912 at age 24. No father was ever listed. Note on the Robey: The Robey's owned all the land joining Gallahue property starting about where the cemetery would be.  They owned all the land where the United Fuel Gas Company sets, on up to the old school house.  Also, they were part of the old Robey Theatre. 

3. Lillian "Lilly" Gallahue/Douglas B: 25 July 1866 - D: 17 Sept 1892 Roane Co. WV
Spouse: Jefferson Douglas 29 Dec 1867 Barbour Co. WV - D: 5 May 1930 Spencer, Roane Co.WV
Children: Elza Douglas B: 1889 - 1889, Grace F. Douglas B: 1890 - D: 1890, Charles Everett Douglas. Jr.B: 1892 - D: 1963 Charles Everett Douglas married Delphia Reed- B: 1892. 2 children born: Clarence E Douglas & Conrad B Douglas. Delphia Reed : parents are: Edmond James Reed & Mary Frances Davis 1861-1936 Mary Frances Davis parents are: James Sanford Davis & Rachel Riddle. James parents are: Edward Davis & Lydia Jenkins: Edwards parents are: John Silvanie Davis Sr. & Rachel Rebecca Ward.

4. Walter H Gallahue: B 14 Feb 1872 Roane Co.WV - D: 31 Dec 1973 Vienna, Wood Co. WV
Spouse: Lora Ann Howell B: 13 May 18873 WV - D: 24 Jan 1926 Roane Co.WV
1. Child: Pearl H Gallahue 1901-1901

5.Clara May Gallahue (Twin) B: 4 April 1878 Roane Co. WV - D: 17 Oct 1889 Roane Co.WV

6.William M Gallahue (Twin) B: 4 April 1878 Roane Co. WV - D: 9 April 1878 Roane Co. WV

This information was provided by Cindy Davis-Hill

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