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BALL: Of Left Fork of Reedy.

About the year 1873, the two brothers, Major William Ball and Samuel Benton Ball came to Reedy. Major was tall, finely proportioned; S. B., inclined to the shorter and more rugged; both blonds of the brown hair and beard. They were born in Gilmer County, West Virginia, sons of Robert and Lucretia (Martina) Ball, descendants of colonial families of those names, early settlers in the Mononga.hela Valley.

William, the elder, served with Lee's armies in Virginia during the Civil War, when he was advanced to the rank of major; hence "Major Ball." These brothers engaged in the timber business on the Little Kanawha and its tributaries. Their business brought them to Reedy, where Major William united in marriage with a Miss Sallie Conrad. He became owner of the better part of the Mordecai Thomasson-Ben Riddle farm on Left Reedy; was prominent for fifteen years, 1875 to 1890; no children were born to Major Ball and his wife.

Samuel Benton Ball, son of Robert and Lucretia, his wife, married twice; first, on April 17, 1873, to Miss Victoria Armstrong, daughter of Lenox Armstrong of Jackson County, West Virginia, one time sheriff when Reedy was part of Jackson County. Acquired a large farm on Left Reedy, his home; was elected and served one term as member of the County Court of Roane. To S. B. and Victoria (Armstrong), his wife), were born in Roane County, two daughters and one son. Their names in order of their respective ages are: Minnie, Frank Lenox and Ida.

Minnie is the expert court stenographer in Spencer; Frank L. married Miss Blanche Tailman, 6th April, 1910; his age 30, hers 24. She was a daughter of Samuel and Rosa (Seaman) Tailman of Right Reedy.

Ida united in marriage with Holly H. Burke--neighbor--29th July, 1905; her age 21; his age 24. They live at Parkersburg.

Victoria, the first wife of Samuel Benton Ball having died, he united in marriage with Miss Myrtle Armstrong, on 4th day of October, 1888; his age 47, her age 30. She was a sister of the first wife. The farm at this time comprised nearly four hundred acres, well furnished home and much live stock. He died in the year 1908. The family yet holds the farm.

Of the marriage of S. Benton and Myrtle (Armstrong) Ball, were born and became citizens, four children whose names respectively, are Beulah A., Brooks, Eugene and Nina. Beulah A. and Brooks are still single; Nina married Mr. Paul Lukens, born in Pendleten County, West Virginia, and Eugene was killed in service in France in the World War.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927, William H. Bishop, Esq., p 442
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, October 1, 1999

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