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ARNOTT: Of Spencer and Spencer District.

William Arnott and Adaline (Lowe) Arnott, his wife, with a large family of children came here to Roane County in the year 1854, from Monroe County, where both had been born and were married.

He was a son of a Henry Arnott, a Scotch settler in eastern Virginia. For ancestry of Adaline see Lowe.

The names of their children stated in order of births, "to the best of recollection" of Henry M., a son, are as follows:

Elizabeth, William Thomas, Henry Mathew, Ellen, Cornelius Pendle-ton, Virginia, Rebecca, Clark and Eliza.

Their marriages and residences at sometime:

Elizabeth married William German, lived at Long Bottom, Meigs County, Ohio.

William Thomas, married Isabelle Danalson, in Roane County, May 12, 1866; made their home on Spring Creek; reared the following named children: Dr. Ulysses G., of Point Pleasant; Reverend Forest Arnott; Romeo F.; Ess; a daughter, Otie, wife of Ernest West of Spring Creek; John, a business man of Spencer; and Orville, teacher awhile in Roane County, clerk in store Charleston; died there, year 1927.

Henry Mathew Arnott, son of William and Adaline, married Matilda McMullen of Spencer, August 28, 1868; they lived many years in Spencer; he was a wagon maker and proprietor of a shop at intersection of Main Street and Ripley turnpike, now Rex Arnott's garage site. To Henry Mathew and Matilda, his wife, were horn and by them reared the following named sons and daughters:
Estey Cole, resident of Clay County.
Roxie, who is wife of John W. L. Kyer, of Ravenswood.
Belle, wife of Nathan Cunningham, Moundsville, W. Va.
Hayes E., married Miss Starkey, always residents of Spencer.
Melissa, wife of J. Otis Summers, native of Roane County, now resi-dent of Charleston.
H. Rex R., married Mida Cleavenger, May 14, 1903; he is propriettor of the Arnott "Chevrolet" Garage, Spencer.
Jeannette, married Leonard Schnoffer, resides at Marietta, Ohio.
Dorothea, married John Hall, their residence Akron, Ohio.

The other six children of William and Adeline (Lowe) Arnott, all married and made their homes in Meigs County Ohio; their names as follows:
Ellen, married Levi Wagoner of Long Bottom.
Cornelius Pendleton, lives at Racine.
Virginia, married Benjamin Hamilton, Meigs County, Ohio.
Rebecca, married George Allison, of Antiquity, Ohio.
Clark, married and made his home at Antiquity, Ohio.
Eliza, married a Mr. Jackson Lack, of Antiquity, Ohio.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927, William H. Bishop, Esq., p 436-437
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, October 1, 1999

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