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BOOTHE: In western Harper District.

Matthias Boothe, farmer, whose farm and home is in that part of Harper District extending over and including head waters of Mill Creek, is the more extensively known member of this family at the present (1927).

Ancestry: Two brothers, James Boothe and Charles Boothe, both born in Russell County, Virginia, sons of Joseph and Susanna Boothe, his wife, came into the country of the Pocatalico at what is now Lower Harper District, about the year 1836; one of these passed on to Mason County, on the Ohio, in a short time. Both these have some descendants in Jackson, Mason and Roane.

Matthias Boothe is married and has brought up a family of several children. He probably married in Jackson County. I do not have the names of these children.

We are informed that Matthias is the youngest of the family and that he had two brothers whose names were Julian and
Joseph N. Boothe. Joseph married Matilda Cunningham, 1869.

Of women of this famfly we get the following names from the Roane County marriage records:
Rebecca Boothe to Moses R. Whited, December 22, 1858.
And the following whom we do not know:
Mary Ann Boothe to James Wilson, year 1856
Mary Ann Boothe to Eli Jackson, January 2, 1857.
Margaret M. Boothe to John C. Lockhart, June 1, 1859.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927 William H. Bishop, Esq. p 456
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, November 28, 1999

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