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BOARD: Among first settlers of "Three Forks" of Reedy, 1816.

Patrick Board, this pioneer, came to "Three Forks" 1816, with his wife, whom he had married in Green County, Pennsylvania, about the year 1804; this is inferred from a biograph of Joseph Stewart of Reedy, which states he, Joseph, was born in the year 1~20, son of William and Mary (Board) Stewart, she a daughter of Patrick Board.

The names of the children of Patrick Board and wife were: Mary, William K., Alexander Sandy, and Gamaliel. We have not definite knowledge that Gamaliel was a son of Patrick and wife. Of Patrick's famUy we say further:

Mary, the daughter, as above said, became the wife of William Stewart.

William K. Board, was twice married; his first wife a Miss Smith. The wife I knew of was born Nancy Flesher, daughter of Dempsy P. Flesher and wife, the early settlers at mouth of Cams Run. William K. Board was a born cavalier of the religious turn; was a preacher of some ability; but he depended on his farm which he made on Folly Run, a mile from Three Forks. He had given great attention to the best language; and in this he was so nearly alone, his doffing his hat, his bowings, gesticulations and especially his I-N-G endings in pronunciation of words, was mimicked by the waggish for merriment.

The sons and daughters of William K. Board and his wives were Jefferson, Sarah R., wife of Alfred Berry; Nancy Elizabeth, wife of Albert G. Gough; Julia Ann, "Tip" and Dempsy; these all married and reared families. W. Dempsy Board married Miss Margaret Staats on the 27th of March, 1878, she a daughter of John and Margaret "Peggy" (Carney) Staatts, earliest settlers on Staats Run of Middle Fork of Reedy.

Alexander Sandy Board, son of Patrick Board and wife, was born on Reedy, December 12, 1816, died there May 22, 1880. He united in marriage with Miss Rebecca Stutler, born in Harrison County, March 15, 1822, daughter of John and _______ (Carder) Stutler, his wife. See name Stutler.

Alexander Sandy and Rebecca Board made their best and last home on Right Fork of Reedy, on a good farm lying across the Revenswood and Spencer turnpike, one-half mile west of "Three Forks." He was an enthusiastic Methodist and noted as a best singer; we hear excellent voices of his grandchildren and their children, resident now (1927) in Spencer. His was rated the best farm of that Right Reedy for twenty years.

To Alexander Sandy and Rebecca, his wife, were born and by them brought up the following children:

Thomas, Margaret, wife of Daniel Roberts; Christopher C., Josiah Nelson, Lemuel H., Colonel Pogue, Marietta, wife of Silas B. Seaman, Jr.; and Marshall Alexander C.

Their marriages other than above given:

Christopher C. Board, son of A. S. and Rebecca, above, was born on Reedy, September 21, 1848, married Miss Susan C. Seaman in Marietta, Ohio, on November 27, 1866; she was born February 14, 1848, daughter of Silas B. and
Margaret (Burdette) Seamon, of Right Reedy. Chris-topher C. Board was ordained a preacher of the M. E. South Conference, and served several circuits in adjoining counties for some years.

To Christopher C. and Susan B. Board, his wife, were born and by them brought up the following children: Joseph S., December 8, 1867; William D., August 1, 1869; Margaret R., October 1, 1871; Jennetta C., February 14, 1874; Alexander F., December 17, 1875; Lake B., April 19, 1878, and Marvin A., December 1, 1880. These have married and also have families; Joseph S. was first a school teacher, then a carpenter; had his home in Spencer many years where he married Miss May Dulin and they have brought up a family; their names, from memory are Lakie, now Mrs. Munson; Lena, Willa, Brooks, Dulin, Albert, Edwin, Bruce and James.

Josiah Nelson Board, son of A. Sandy and Rebecca, his wife, was a school teacher, one of the first under the free school system; a good one; the author of this was one of his pupils at one term; an excellent teacher of vocal music of great tenor range; he married Miss Flora Ann Stewart, January 25, 1881, she a daughter of William P. and Annie, of Reedy Town. See Stewart. Josiah N. and Flora, his wife, acquired the Board senior farm and he ran it some years, then removed self and family to the State of Ohio; on the Sciota or Muskingum. We do not have the names of their children.

Lemuel H. Board, son of A. S. and Rebecca Board, married Miss Isabelle Samantha Chancey, March 5, 1875, she the daughter of Squire Roswell R. Chancey, of Middle Reedy. I have not the names of their children of whom I know there were three or four.

Colonel Pogue Board, son of A. S. and Rebecca, married Miss Emma Paine, in Jackson County; they made their home on a part of the parental lands for some few years, then sold and went elsewhere.

Marshall Alexander C. Board, son of A. S. and Rebecca Board, mar-ried Miss Ella M. Hardman, December 3, 1886; he then 21, she 21. He engaged in farming; later sold his patrimony and went to Calhoun County and engaged in farming; they reside there yet; he has been elected and served at least one term as sheriff of Calhoun County.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927, William H. Bishop, Esq., p 452-454
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, October 1, 1999

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