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BUCHANAN: Of Spencer District.

Joshua Buchanan born on Fishing Creek in Ohio County, West Virginia, about the year 1831, came with his parents, William and wife to Wood County, West Virginia, when a young man; while a resident of Wood County Joshua Buchanan married Elvilda Buchanan, who was born in Noble County, Ohio, about 1832, daughter of a Buchanan family of no known relation to that of William Buchanan, father of Joshua.

Joshua and Elvilda made their home in Wood County for many years during which time all their five sons and three daughters were born.

This family all came to Roane County about the year ____.

The names and marriages of these Buchanan sons and daughters are as follows:

Lazarus "Elias," married Lillie Victoria, daughter of Lee Chambers, of Smithfield, the 7th of April, 1901; his age 41, her age 41.

William Henry died in youth.

Uriah Lytle married Emma, daughter of Thomas R. Conley, of upper Spring Creek.

Alexander L. married Gertrude Kieffer, daughter of Andrew Kieffer, of Smithfield, March 23, 1902, his age 32, her age 22.

Alexander L. was elected and served one term as a justice of the peace of Spencer District.

To Alexander L. and Gertrude (Kieffer), his wife, were born in Roane County, eight sons and two daughters; their home farm is in Smithfield District.

John S. and Sarah A., son and daughter of Joshua, first named, died, neither having married.

Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Joshua and Elvilda, married William Whetzel Short, of Spencer District. Rebecca Viola of this first family was thrice married; first two husbands died, her last being Ruben Reynolds, of Spencer District.

Source: History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927 William H. Bishop, Esq. p 458
Submitter: Sandy Spradling, November 28, 1999

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