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Post Date: 12/13/2013


I am working on getting information on my husband's family tree as a gift for him. He does not know very much as his parents were never married. He did not meet his biological father until he was 17 and his dad committed suicide ten years later. His paternal grandfather has Alzheimer's so it is difficult to get information.

I do know that my husband's maternal grandmother's name is Nina L. Hunt, maiden name Pickens. My husband was told by his father that she was of the Cherokee tribe. I was able to find that she passed away on March 17, 2003 and that she last lived in Spencer, WV. My husband said he remembered her saying she wanted to die where she grew up, on the reservation.

Is there, by chance, a reservation near Spencer, WV? Or in WV at all?

Is there a way I could find out if the information ascertained about her tribal roots are accurate? I am also interested in finding a birth certificate and a death certificate, if able, as well as any pictures or information regarding her.

My husband does not have much family and I know how much finding any information at all would make his heart happy. We want our daughters to have knowledge of their ancestry and keep alive any traditions or anything to our cultures alive.

Any help at all on where to start or how to go about getting information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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