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1 *NOTE: Peter LYON was the son of Noah LYON. He moved from Aleppo, Greene, PA to Curtis District, Roane, WV in 1872. He had four known children born in Aleppo with his first wife, Eliza McGLUMPHY, who died on 8 June 1857, and then married Elizabeth Malinda KERN and had nine more children. After the 1880 census of Roane Co, WV Elizabeth LYON, Peter's wife disappears. I assume she died as she isn't mentioned in a deed or any of the Estate Settlement. No record of her death has been found yet. Pam Lyon, Peter (I0498)
2 1870 Census showed G. W. Walls, Linda Grady supplied name Walls, George W. (I2689)
(SOURCE>Fid.b Order Book 1 Page 223 App't of Appraisers Roane Co, WV)
State of West Virginia
Roane County Court Clerk's Office Novr 20" 1901
Invocation of the County Court of said County
This day came T.J. MURRY and moved that he be appointed Admin of the personal estate of Peter LYON deceased and no objections appearing he is therefore appointed Administrator of the Estate of the said Peter LYON deceased and being required to give bond entered into and executed a bond in the penalty of $200 with A.J. PAUGH his surety, which bond is approved and ordered to be filed and recorded. Then came the said T.J. MURRY and took the oath required by law he is therefore duly authorized to enter upon the discharges of the duties of his said office or inst - And A.J. PAUGH, E.S. BALL and M. W. MORRISON are appointed appraisers whose duty it is after being first duly sworn to proceed to appraise all property produced to them and make report to this office as the law directs.
Given under my hand this 20" day of Nov'r 1901. M.F. LEWELLEN, Clerk
(SOURCE>Fid.b Order Book 1 Page 226)
West Virginia, Roane County Court Clerk's Office: M"ch 20" 1902
Invocation of the County Court of said County-
On motion of T.J. MURRY executor of the estate of Peter LYON deceased A.J. PAUGH, S.C. COOPER and A.C. EAGLE are appointed appraisers of the personal estate of said Peter LYON deceased. It becomes their duty after being first duly sworn to proceed to appraise such property as may be produced to them and make report thereof to this office a the law directs.
Given under my hand this 20" day of March 1902- M.F. LEWELLEN, Clerk
(SOURCE>Settlement Book 3 Pages 253 Appraisement & Settlement Roane Co, WV)
Peter LYON, dec'd Appraisement, Personal Estate.
April 2, 1902 List of the Personal Estate of Peter LYON dec'd.
1 cow $18.00
1 calf 4.00
10 1/2 bu. Oats 5.20
12 " Corn 7.80
3 1/2 " " at 50c 1.75
3 " Wheat 2.25
2 set of Harness 1.00
1 Set of Mason tools 5.05
1 Plow mole .25
2 Saw + Plane 1.00
1 Bed Stead .50
1 Flour Chest .25
1 Post Digger .50
1 Bed Stead .50
1 Pair fire Tongs .40
1 Harrow 1.50
1 Haystock 8.50
1 Brass Kettle 1.00
1 Iron Kettle 1.50
1 Bed + Bedding 7.00
1 Set of Chairs 1.00
15 Gallons stone jars 1.05
1 Doz glass jars .45
8 small " .25
1 Cooper Adze .25
2 set Knives and forks 1.00
2 Tables .75
1 Grindstone .75
Total $73.95
Witness our hands and seals. This the 2nd day of April 1902
A.J. PAUGH, seal}
S.C. COOPER, seal} Appraisers
A.C. EAGLE, seal}
State of West Virginia
Roane county. SS:
Appeared before me in my said County, A.J. PAUGH, S.C. COOPER, and A.C. EAGLE and were duly sworn as appraisers of the personal estate of the late Peter LYON dec'd, Given under my hand the 2nd day of 1902.
M.W. MORRISON, Notary Public
West Virginia, Roane County Court Clerk's Office, April 11", 1902. This day the forgoing Deed, with certificate annexed was duly admitted to record in said office. Attest: M.F. LEWELLEN, Clerk
(SOURCE>Settlement Book 3 Pages 366-367 Appraisement & Settlement Roane Co, WV)
T.J. MURRY Administrator of Peter LYON Dec'd, in Accord with said Estate
1902 Dr
To amt. received from sale of three hogs sold prior to appraisment of property. $22.50
Apl 2 To Appraisment of personal property $73.95
Total $96.10
1901 Cr
Nov 20 B amt. paid M.F.LEWELLEN Clerk $1.50
Dec 31 " " S.W. BALL doctor bill 4.00
Apl 2 " " Appraisers of property 1.50
11 " " M.F. LEWELLEN Clerk 1.50
" " " J.M. LESTER, Atty, costs in chancery case of
J.H. GARVIN vs T.J. MURRY Admr 36.09
Nov 18 By amt paid S.W. BALL, doctor bill 10.00
22 By Amt " J.R. VAIL, funeral expenses 16.90
Feb 14 " " " The Bulletin Co .50
" " " " " A.G. HINGMAN Sheriff taxes 14.47
" " " A.W. SUMMERS Clerk 1.00
." " " Allowed said T.J. MURRY Admxr, in 10.00
lieu of commissions for his services as such admr
" " " " paid I.E. BOGGESS, Commissioner for
making his settl 3.75
By Total $101.21
To Total $96.10
By balance due Administration, overpaid $5.11
To the Hon. County Court of Roane County, West Virginia
The undersigned, commissioner of Accounts for the said County of Roane, vbegs leave to report that on the -- day of January 1903, T.J. MURRY, Administrator of Peter LYON Dec'd laid before your Commissioner his accounts as such administrator for the year beginning November 20th 1901, and ending the 20 day of November 1902 That your commissioner caused the name of said administrator to be published in a list of Fiduciaries whose accounts were before him for settlement, and that he caused said list to be published and posted as required by law; That your commissioner has mad up and returns herewith a statement of said account, together with the vouchers for disbursments, cancelled, including the period of time elapsed within the dates above named and to and including the 4th day of May 1903, from which it will appear that up to and including the said 4th day of May 1902 the said T.J. MURRY, Administrator of Peter LYON Dec'd had received and collected for the said estate the sum of $96.10 and had disbursed the sum of $101.21 being the sum of $5.11 more than he had received from
Page 367
said estate. The said sum of $5.11 as of date May 4th 1903.
Your Commissioner reports that said administration has given bond in a penalty and with security deemed sufficient and conditioned according to law.
Given under my hand this 4th day of May 1903, I.E. BOGGESS Commissioner of Accounts.
The foregoing account, settlement and report thereof has remained in my office ten days after the completion of the same and there were no exceptions thereto,
Given under my hand this 25" day of May 1903. I.E. BOGGESS, Commissioner.
Presented, examined in open Court and there being no exceptions thereto - The same is ardered to be filed and recorded. June 1st 1903.
J.F. HERSMAN President.
West Virginia Roane County Court Clerks Office June 15th 1903.
This day the foregoing Settlement was duly recorded herein.
Attest: A.W. SUMMERS, Clerk
By J.O. SUMMERS Deputy 
Lyon, Peter (I0498)
4 Bert Jett--Armstead kin
Bert Jett---Blue Creek WV passed away in Charleston Meomrial Hospital early Dec 15 2000
Age 58 yrs--father Oscar Jett --mother Sarah (myers) Jett---grandmother Daimy Armstead---great great grandfather Thomas Jefferson Armstead. 
Jett, Bert (I0103)
5 Caroline Shaffer or Shaver
Caroline Shaver, Roane Co. WV.1912. Her father was Paul Shaver. 
Shaver, Caroline (I0102)
6 Daniel M. COBB and Prissilla BISHOP
Daniel M. COBB (born June 15, 1858; date of death unknown), son of William Henry COBB and Barbara Ellen STARCHER, married Prissilla BISHOP (born July 1866; died January 1956), daughter of A. BISHOP and Louisa KING, on September 7, 1882 in Roane County, West Virginia. 
Family F0193
7 Elizabeth COBB was born April 23, 1879, in Roane County, West Virginia, and died November 15, 1962, in Logan (Logan County), West Virginia.
She married Willard MULLINS on December 23, 1896. Their children were: Charles Willard MULLINS (born September 2, 1900; died November 20, 1974); Alice Flossie Bell MULLIINS, born June 20, 1904; died at Logan (Logan County), West Virginia; Laura Jane MULLINS, died November 20, 1974; Sigle James MULLINS, born March 19, 1910; West Virginia MULLINS, died November 20, 1974. 
Cobb, Elizabeth (I0077)
8 James Clark COBB, son of Daniel M. COBB and Prissilla BISHOP, died November 25, 1942, in Kanawha County, West Virginia.
Mr. Clark was born March 12, 1864, in Roane County, West Virginia. He married Ellender SHORT on September 22, 1888, in Roane County.
He was buried at the Left Fork of Dutch Ridge on November 27, 1942. The undertaker was F. A. Myers, Elkview, West Virginia. He was a farmer and was 78 years old at time of death. His physician was Max J. Goldman, Charleston, West Virginia. 
Cobb, James Clark (I0084)
9 John Riddle was a Blacksmith & farmer and was the first settler in Grass Run,and served in the War of 1812. (John had fourteen children.) John was born in Virginia,not far from the present site of Georgetown,in the District of Columbia on June 30,1778. His family moved to the Cheat River in what is now Tucker County,West Virginia. The date of his move from Randolph County,West Virginia,was probably after the "War of 1812" Moved in 1831 to Grass Run,Ritchie County,WVA on the are that is now the J.C. Rexoad homestead, the old pioneer cabin having stood a few feet away from the present Rexroad residence,and only a few rods down from the Fonzo Post Office and Hatfield store. Later,John Riddle moved to Lewis County,WVA,and finally to to Roane County,WVA,where he is buried with his last wife,Hannah Drake Smith,where he died in 1843.

In spring of 1858,Jacob B. Smith was appointed administrator of the John Riddle estate. John Riddle was an old man living on Reedy Creek on the Reesce Cain place below Reedyville,Roane County,West Virginia. He was a Farmer and a Blacksmith. John's old papers show him in Ritchie County in 1835/6 and went on to Reedy Creek before February 2,1838. John probably came there because his brother Benjamin had moved there in 1836.

John died in March or April of 1858.
Sale of his property was held on May 1,1858. 
Riddle, John (I0497)
10 Mary Elizabeth (Vandal) Greathouse 21 Oct 1839-06 Oct 1908; buried Round Mound Cemetery, Wauneta, Chatauqua Co., KS. Also, buried there are her sons: Charley Greathouse, Vergil Greathouse and William Jefferson Kirby. Vandal, Mary Elizabeth (I0093)
11 Obituary:

A Mother of Pioneers Dead
Mrs. William Vineyard
Aunt Sallie Vineyard, a pioneer mother, grand-mother and citizen of near Looneyville, is no more. Death called her away Sunday, July 2nd, 1911.
She was born in [Bouetourt] county, Virginia in 1817; came to Roane county, West Virginia, then Kanawha with the family in 1837; married Wm. Vineyard in 1840. In a short time, probably the same year located on a piece of land about two miles south of Looneyville, here she resided until her death, a period of almost three quarters of a century, (seventy-one years.)
Her father, Robert Looney, was a native of Virginia, born in [Bouetourt] county about the year 1787. His father was also a native of Virginia as were the Looney antecedents for centuries. Originally the family came from England.
On the mother's side "Aunt Sallie" descended from the New Amsterdam Dutch. From that side of the house she inherited an even genial temper and an industrious, frugal disposition.
To her and her husband were born eight children, four boys and four girls.
Robert L. served three years in the Confederate Army (1862 to 65.) From an injury in the head he lost his mind and died in the Weston Hospital for insane some years ago. J. Brad, Presley and Peter C. are living on and near the old homestead. The last named is the oldest teacher in point of service in Roane County having taught some forty years. He was elected Superintendent of Schools in 1870 for the county and served one term. Of the girls all are dead excepting Roxie (Mrs. G. W. Groves.)
The funeral of Aunt Sallie Vineyard took place Monday, July 8, 1911, at the home of her son Bradley at the old homestead, conducted by the Rev. Herbert Smith, Baptist to which church she adhered and interment was made at the home cemetery.
So lived, so passed away a reminder of almost a century ago. The good old fashioned mother of our county in its infancy; thus was rudely snapped a link that bound the past with the present. Grandmother to some, Aunt to all, her days [fully] matured, end a bright hope of bliss beyond the grave and beyond this life. A Friend.

Source: The Roane County Record, Spencer, WV, July 14, 1911, p 2 col 2-6 
Vineyard, Sallie (I0474)
12 Obituary:

Mrs. M. L. Vandevender Died Friday; Rites Held Sunday
Virena Simmons Vandevender, 81, native Roane countian and one of Spencer's most respected citizens, died at a local hospital Friday afternoon at 1:20 o'clock. She had been ill the past five years from complications but her condition became serious Tuesday.
Rev. B. Elmo Kelley, pastor of the Methodist Memorial church, conducted last rites from the local church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock assisted by Rev. J. H. Whitt, pastor of the Spencer Baptist church. Interment was made in the Spencer cemetery with the Hardman-Conrad mortuary in charge. E. J. Harris, J. P. Price, A. M. McKown, J. M. Harper and C. C. Rowe served as honorary pall bearers and six grandsons served as active pallbearers.
Mrs. Vandevender was born in Roane county when it was still a part of Kanawha county. She was a daughter of James and Elizabeth Boggs Simmons, prominent Roane county family. On October 13, 1881 she was united in marriage to M. L. Vandevender , who survives along with one son, I. V. Vandevender, Chester, W. Va.; seven daughters, Mrs. H. H. Camp, Mrs. E. M. Daniell and Mrs. J. B. Bullington, all of Spencer, Mrs. Paul Cook and Mrs. Mary Camp, of Charleston, Mrs. C. F. Bartlett, of Williamstown and Mrs. J. E. Sterne, of Pittsburgh; two half sisters, Mrs. H. B. Sinnett and Mrs. Earl Rader, both of Spencer; one half brother, Earl H. Simmons, Spencer; twenty three grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.
Mrs. Vandevender had been a member of the Methodist Memorial many years and was active in all phases of the church program until ill health forced her to retire. 
Simmons, Virena (I0476)
13 Obituary:

Mrs. Alice G. Argabrite, aged 72 years, one of the best known and most highly respected of the older residents of this city, succumbed to an attack of heart failure at the home of her son Fleet Argabrite last Monday. Mrs. Argabrite had been in poor health for some time, but her demise was a severe shock to her family and friends.
She was born in this county October 8th, 1850, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ingram, and had lived in Roane County all her life. Converted at an early age, Mrs. Argabrite was a life-long consistent and exemplary member of the M.E. Church South.
Possessed of a strikingly sweet and amiable disposition the deceased drew unto herself the affection and admiration of all who were so fortunate as to know her, and her passing has brought forth many tributes of esteem, indicating the large place she occupied in the lives of those who best knew her.
She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Emma Thompson and Mrs. Ida Hunt, of this city, four sons, Dr. B. G. Argabrite, of Depoy, Kentucky; Homer Argabrite of Dunbar, W.Va., M. F. and F. W. Argabrite, of Spencer, and a number of grand chidren and great grand children, nearly all of whom attended the funeral services conducted at the home Tuesday. conducted by Rev. W. K. Dontt after which the remains were laid to rest in the Argabrite cemetery on lower Spring Creek.

Source: Times Record, Spencer, WV, Jul 1922 
Argabrite, Alice G. (I0496)
14 Obituary:

AKRON, Ohio - Bradford L. Carper Sr., 82, of Akron, formerly of Roane County, W.Va., died Sept. 30, 1997, in Akron City Hospital after a short illness.
He was a retired construction worker and a former employee of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Akron. He was an Army veteran of World War II and a Baptist.
Surviving: wife, Mabel Westfall Carper; sons, Bradford L. Jr., Larry, Keith and Billy, all of Akron; daughters, Shirley Eminger and Connie Carper, both of Akron, Shelby Kee of Nashville, Tenn., Janice Jones of San Diego, Juanita Webb of Walton, W.Va., Kay Hall of Pigeon, W.Va., Thresa Goodwin of Looneyville, W.Va.; sister, Mary Smith of Akron; brothers, Oral Ray of Akron, Ralph of Walton; 17 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren.
Service will be 11 a.m. Friday at John H. Taylor Funeral Home, Spencer, W.Va., with the Rev. John McCune officiating. Burial will be in Jackson Cemetery, Looneyville. Friends may call from 5 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home.
Carper, Bradford L. Sr. (I0456)
15 Obituary:

AMMA - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Carper, 100, of Amma, Roane County, died March 21, 1997, in General Division, CAMC, after a long illness.
She was a homemaker and a Christian.
Surviving: daughters, Jewell Lowe of Spencer, Georgia Ann Carper of Amma grandsons, John S. Lowe of Charleston, David L. Lowe of Clendenin two great-grandchildren.
Service will be 2 p.m. Monday at John H. Taylor Funeral Home, Spencer, with the Rev. Frank Goodwin officiating. Burial will be in Amma Cemetery. Friends may call after 2 p.m. today at the funeral home. 
Carper, Elizabeth (I0451)
16 Obituary:

Billy Ray Carper, 53, of North Canton, died Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2000, at the Mercy Medical Center in Canton, after an extended illness.
He was born June 12, 1947, in Spencer, W. Va., a son of O. Ray Carper of Amma, W. Va., and the late Helen Irene Price Carper. He was the owner and operator of Greensburg Auto Repair in North Canton.
In addition to his father, he is survived by his wife, Celina Carper of North Canton; daughters, Shelly Kimsinger and Marie Carper, both of Akron, and Emma Carper at home; sons, Brian Carper of Akron, Michael Carper and Billy Ray Carper Jr., both at home; stepdaughter, Shannon Myers at home; stepsons, Matthew and Robert Myers, both at home; sisters, Karen Lemmon of Mansfield, Sharon and Angela Abbott, both of Amma, W. Va., and April Payne of Clendenin, W. Va.; brother, Bob Carper of Akron; grandchildren, Nicole and Sarah Kimsinger, and Joshua Carper. In addition to his mother, he was preceded in death by brother, Michael Carper.
Funeral services will be conducted Friday, Sept. 1, at 1 p.m., at the John H. Taylor Funeral Home in Spencer, W. Va. Burial will be at the Amma Cemetery in Amma, W. Va. Friends may call at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday
Carper, Billy Ray (I0455)
17 Obituary:

Buster B. Phillips, aged 81, son of Gay Phillips and Blanche Hall of Roane County died February 3rd, 2001 in Sacramento, CA. Mr. Phillips was the G-Grandson of Oliver B. Phillips and Arminda Bennett, also of Roane County. Buster is survived by his wife of 58 years Kathryn Phillips, Ruth Butcher his sister, of Charleston WVA, his daughter Brenda and her husband Don.
At his request there were no services. 
Phillips, Buster B. (I0101)
18 Obituary:

Col. J.P.R.B. Smith, of Pt. Pleasant, died on Friday, Oct. 20, at his home, and was 73 years old March 17, last. Mr. Smith was one of the greatest and best loved men in the State. His funeral was held on Sunday. He had a number of relatives in Spencer.

Source: The Roane County Record, Spencer, WV, November 3, 1911, pg 1 col 1 
Smith, Col. J.P.R.B. (I0479)
19 Obituary:

Earl L. "Junior" Harris, 76, of Spencer died Friday, Dec. 13, 2002 at CAMC General Hospital, Charleston, from injuries received from being hit by a motor vehicle.
He was born in Charleston, a son of the late E. Lawton and Elsie Gay Rhodes Harris.
He was a retired farmer.
He is survived by one brother, Jack Harris of Gandeeville; five sisters, Faye Hamon of Given, Mary Anderson, Myrtle Taylor and Jeannette Anderson, all of Gandeeville, and Brenda Harper of Spencer; and several nephews and nieces.
In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by two brothers, Pete and Raymond; and one sister, Dollie West.
Service was Tuesday at John H. Taylor Funeral Home with Pastor Sinnette Summers officiating. Burial was in Ferrell Cemetery 
Harris, Earl L. (I0076)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Woodyard, Edward D. (I0089)
21 Obituary:

Elizabeth - Lella Ingram, 91, of Elizabeth, died Feb. 17, 1996, at home after a short illness.
She was native of Roane County, a 1927 graduate of Elizabeth High School, and the Mountain State Business College. She was Deputy Wirt County Clerk from 1945-1962 and 1968-1974. She was a member of Elizabeth United Methodist Church and a lifelong resident of Tuckers Creek.
Surviving: nephew, Dale Ingram of Nitro; nieces, Verda Woods and Verna Lipscomb both of Elkview; eight great-nieces and nephews; four great-great nieces and nephews.
Service will be 2 p.m. Tuesday at Elizabeth United Methodist Church with the Rev. Michael E. Taylor and the Rev. Paul D. Russell officiating.
Burial will be in Spencer Memorial Cemetery, Spencer. Friends may call after 2 p.m. today and 9 to 11 a.m. Tuesday at Busch Funeral Home, Elizabeth and one hour prior to service at the church. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to Elizabeth United Methodist Church, c/o Busch Funeral Home, P. O. Box 43, Elizabeth, WV 26143.
Ingram, Lella (I0460)
22 Obituary:

Elsie G. Harris
Elsie Gay Harris, 101, of Spencer died Monday, Sept. 23, 2002 at Miletree Center.
She was born at Boyd, a daughter of the late Alfred Clinton and Rosie Florence Harper Rhodes. She was a homemaker and member of Wolf Valley Baptist Church, Gandeeville.
She is survived by two sons, Junior Harris of Spencer and Jack Harris of Gandeeville; four daughters, Faye Hamon of Given, and Mary Anderson, Myrtle Taylor and Jeanette Anderson, all of Gandeeville; one brother, Burton Rhodes of Ripley; two sisters, Goldie Cox of Gandeeville and Altha Pritt of Charleston; 28 grandchildren; 49 great-grandchildren; 45 great-great-grandchildren; and one great-great-great-grandchild.
In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Lawton Harris; two sons, Pete and Raymond Harris; one daughter, Dollie West; six brothers; one sister; and seven grandchildren.
Service is 2 p.m. Thursday at John H. Taylor Funeral Home with Pastor Sinnette Summers officiating. Burial will be in Ferrell Cemetery, Vicars Ridge. 
Harris, Elsie Gay (I0075)
23 Obituary:

George L. Argabrite
Another veteran of the Civil War, one who wore the blue, was called home the past week. George L. Argabrite of Liverpool, Jackson Co., passed away Saturday, March 18, 1916. Mr. Argabrite was nearing the age of 87 years and death was incident to old age. He was formerly a resident of this county, but moved to the edge of Jackson Co. several years ago where he had resided since.
The deceased was born in Monroe Co., but came to Roane Co. early in life and settled in the Curtis District. He enlisted in the army and served throughout its entirety in Co. F, 11th Reg., having been present at the surrender of the Confederacy. Following the close of the war, he came home and was united in marriage with Mrs. Emily Ingraham, who survives. Surviving their union are Mrs. Dempsey Parsons, Spencer; Mrs. John Roberts, Rt. 1; Mrs. E. E. Ball, Reedy; W. L. Argabrite, Spencer; and R. C. Argabrite, Liverpool.
Mr. Argabrite was a faithful member of the Methodist-Episcopal church for many years. He was highly regarded for his sincerity and honesty and was well-loved by all who knew him. He was in Spencer last fall to visit his daughter, Mrs. Parsons, and had a most enjoyable time talking with his old comrades.
The remains were laid to rest Sunday. (Mt. Zion Church Cemetery)

Source: The Times-Record, Spencer, WV, March 23, 1916, p 1
Argabrite, George L. (I0495)
24 Obituary:

In The History of Roane County Departs ---
Rev. Jonathan Smith is No More
One of the most distinguished figures in Roane county's history, Rev. Jonathan Smith, departed this life at his home in Clendenin, W.VA from complications due to age.
Rev. Smith was born August 8th, 1829 and was nearly 84 years old at the time of his death which occured May 27th, 1913 at 3 o'clock.
He was married February 7th, 1851 to Lyda [Lydia] Stump who survives him. He joined the Baptist Church on the second Sunday of October, 1850 and preached his first sermon in August, 1851. His last sermon was delivered at the Clendenin Baptist Church April 6th, 1913 and he had been preaching almost continuously from the time of his first public appearance 62 years ago. Rev. Smith was a familiar figure in Masonic Circles. He joined that order at Ripley, W.VA and at the time of his death was a member of the Clendenin Lodge A. F.and A. M. No. 126.
To Rev. and Mrs. Smith were born nine children of whom five are still living. Among them are Hon. Henry A. Smith of Parkersburg, who was at one time Circuit Clerk of Roane County and Mayor of the city of Spencer, Mrs. John M. Dye, now living at Hammack, Mrs. W. A. Trout, now living at Clendenin, Bud Smith and another whom we are not able to locate.
Rev. Smith belonged to that fast disappearing class of men who have seen the state brought from savagery to civilization and there have been very few men in this section who have had great influence in shaping the past 60 years of its history. As a preacher he was powerful. He has preached to practically all the people of Roane County and the number of men who are now 60 and 70 years of age that heard their first sermon from him is large.
Rev. Smith was for many years pastor of the Spencer Baptist Church and has kept in touch with the congregation for almost his entire life. Most of his life has been spent in Roane County but he moved to Clendenin a few years ago and has continued his work there and at Clay.

Source: The Spencer Times, Spencer, WV, May 27, 1913, p 1 col 6 
Smith, Rev. Jonathan (I0478)
25 Obituary:

Harold Leon Carper, 75, of Nitro died March 6, 2000, in Thomas Memorial Hospital, South Charleston, after a long illness.
He was a retired operations maintenance engineer from Columbia Gas Transmission with more than 40 years' service and a member of Teays Valley Missionary Baptist Church, Hurricane.
Surviving: wife, June Carper; son, Stanley H. of Winfield; sisters, Minnie Hope Burdette and Catherine O'Brien, both of Hartsville, Ohio, Mary Lee Reno of Canton, Ohio; one grandson.
Service will be 2 p.m. today at Casdorph & Curry Funeral Home, St. Albans, with the Rev. John Smith and the Rev. Bruce Young officiating. Burial will be in the Carper cemetery, Amma. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to Teays Valley Missionary Baptist Church Building Fund, 3926 Teays Valley Road, Hurricane, WV 25526.

Date: March 08, 2000
Source: Sunday Gazette-Mail 
Carper, Harold Leon (I0453)
26 Obituary:

Hon. John A. Sarver
All that hath been majestical
In life or death, since time began,
Is native in the simple heart of all,
The angel heart of man.
James Russell Lowell
As noted in last week's Record, John A. Sarver, aged 66 years, gently passed to the life eternal March 30, and was buried April 1 in the family cemetery by the Masonic Lodge of Linden of which deceased was a loyal, faithful and consistent member.
A devoted wife and eight children survive to mourn their irreparable loss, viz., George T., Samuel, John W. and Ernest, sons, and Mrs. E. W. McKown, Mrs. L. C. Valentine, and Misses Stella and Malissa daughters. Three daughters preceded the father to the better land, viz., Mary, Rebecca and Rosa.
Hon. John A. Sarver was a kind, gentle and worthy man, a model citizen and a power for good in his county and community and always stood for the best things for humanity, and he and his good wife raised a family of model children, strong, athletic, able to successfully combat with the world in the great warfare of life. The remains were laid to rest in the family burying ground, but the spirit still lives in the land of the blest and the "memory of a good man abides forever".

Source: The Roane County Record, Spencer, WV, April 14, 1911, p 2 col 3 
Sarver, Hon. John A. (I0481)
27 Obituary:

HURRICANE - William M. "Bill" Keeling, 74, of Hurricane died Feb.26, 1999, in Putnam General Hospital, Hurricane, after a short illness.He was a retired Putnam County school bus driver and a member of Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Hurricane.Surviving: wife, Roma Keeling; daughter, Mary Lyons of Sherrills Ford, N.C.; brother, Sidney Keeling of Huntington; sister, Exie Carper of Hamlin; one granddaughter.Service will be 2 p.m. Sunday at Mount Moriah Baptist Church with Pastor Keith Torman officiating. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. today at Allen Funeral Home, Hurricane.

Date: February 27, 1999
Source: Charleston Gazette 
Keeling, William M. (I0446)
28 Obituary:

J. S. Hammack
J. S. (Wes) Hammack, 86, of Walton RFD 3, died in a Charleston hospital yesterday after suffering a stroke while hunting groundhogs near his home.
He lived in Roane County all his life and was a member of Belleview Advent Christian Church of Cotton. He was a retired Farmer.
Survivors are four sons, Andrew and Romie of Walton, Lee of St. Albans and Homer of Charleston; four daughters, Mrs. Virgie Barnhouse of Richwood, Mrs. Lucy Griffin of Spencer, Mrs. Nettie Smith of Welford and Mrs. Beulah Harper of Walton; a brother, C. C. Hammack of Looneyville; 28 grandchildren and 17 great-great grandchildren.
Graveside services will be tomorrow at 2 p.m. at Morgan Cemetery at Walton RFD 3, the Rev. Early Abbott officiating. The body is at the Hafer Funeral Home in Elkview. 
Hammack, John S. (I0490)
29 Obituary:

Well Known Citizen of This City Dies Saturday
While he was on his way to dinner Saturday, after having spent the morning at his work in the Lake Harness Shop Mr. J. W. Rhodes, [an] aged and respected citizen of our city, was stricken with paralysis on the bridge near the depot. He sank to the floor of the bridge, unconscious, never regained his faculties and died the same evening at 9:15 o'clock. His death came as a most terrible shock to his family. He had been enjoying his usual good health until the moment he was stricken.
Mr. Rhodes was born in Jackson County January 13, 1846 and was more than 67 years old. He resided in the county of his birth until February 13, 1894 when he moved to this city where he has since lived. Mr. Rhodes was married in 1875 to Mary Allen who preceded him to another world many years ago. To their union was born five children all of whom survive their parents. They are: Dayton, Dennis, Ferd and Emmit sons and a daughter Eva. All of the children live in this city and they are numbered among the best young men and women of our town.
Mr. Rhodes is chiefly noted for his honest industry and for his devotion to his church. He joined the Methodist Protestant Church in 1864 and remained a consistant and influential member of that organization until the end. The loss of a member of such sincerity of purpose will be keenly felt by the local church where he has attended worship for so many years.
Rev. Barnes, Pastor of his church, conducted the funeral at the church and interment took place in the town cemetery on Monday afternoon.

Source: The Spencer Times, Spencer, WV, May 29, 1913, pg 1 col 5
Rhodes, J.W. (I0484)
30 Obituary:

Jacob Argabrite, Esq., one of the old veterans of the Civil War, died at his home, about one mile east of Spencer, on Wednesday, July 14, 1909, of heart trouble. He had been troubled more or less with affectation of the heart for several years, but was taken suddenly ill with more deep-seated trouble on the Saturday preceeding his death. He was born March 8, 1842, enlisted in the Union Army February 19, 1861, and served until the close of the war. April 5, 1866, he was married to Miss Alice Ingraham and to this union were born seven children, one of whom preceded him in death. Funeral services were held at the home on Thursday, conducted by Rev. Adkins, after which the remains were buried in the burying grounds near where he lived. He was one of Roane's old and esteemed citizens. His old comrades acted as pallbearers. The old soldier boys are fastly passing away. He leaves a widow and six children.

Source: The Weekly Bulletin, Spencer, WV, July 23, 1909, p 1 
Argabrite, Jacob (I0494)
31 Obituary:

Son Finds Prominent Business Man Dead in Bed Sunday Morning
Funeral services were held Sunday for James P. Lowe, prominent real estate man of Spencer, who died at his home here Friday morning. His death, attributed to an heart attack, came on his sixty-fifth birthday.
Mr. Lowe had been slightly ill for several days prior to his death but his condition was not considered serious. A son found him dead in bed.
The services for him were held at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the Vandale funeral home, a large crowd of friends attending. The Revs. Harold and Reeder officiated. Interment was made in the Swank cemetary.(sic)
Active pallbearers were: Olen deGruyter, Homer Parrish, William Stalnaker, Ruel Taylor, Fred Wright and Howard Bartlett. Honorary pallbearers were: Charlie Starcher, Amos Kenney, Dr. H.D. Casto, Millard Thomasson, Giles Burdette and C.C. Riddle.
Mr. Lowe was a son of Samuel and Katherine Lowe. In 1899 he was married to Florence Workman. A native of Roane county, he was a member of the Baptist church. He is survived by his widow, two sons, Paul and Elmer, at home; four brothers, Shannon, of Stewart, Ohio; Robert and Charles, both of Spencer; Floyd, of Ravenswood; two sisters, Mrs. W.E. Burke, of Ravenswood; and Mrs. Luier Flesher, of Reed.

J.P. Lowe Funeral Held Last Sunday
Prominent Spencer Citizen Dies Suddenly of Heart Attack
on His 65th Birthday Anniversary.
Hundreds of friends and relatives from far and near attended funeral services for J.P. "Jim Pat" Lowe, which were held at the Vandale funeral home Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with the Rev. W.C. Harold and the Rev. Otto Reeder officiating.
Mr. Lowe died suddenly last Friday morning, of a heart attack, on his 65th birthday anniversary. He had been slightly ill for several days, but his condition had not been regarded as critical. A son walked into his room shortly before noon April 26, found him dead in bed.
A native Roane countian, Mr. Lowe was widely known in this section of the state. For many years he owned and operated a general store, coined such familiar advertising slogans as "Jim Pat Sells It For Less" and "Money Makes the Mare Go." In recent years he was agent for a Cincinatti tailoring house and also operated a real estate agency.
James Patrick Lowe was born in Roane County April 26, 1870, the son of Samuel Henry and Catherine Meadows Lowe. He married Miss Florence Workman on June 3, 1899. He was a member of the Baptist church for many years.
Surviving are his widow, two sons, Paul and Elmer, both at home; four brothers, Shannon Lowe, Stewart, Ohio; Robert and Charles Lowe, Spencer; Floyd Lowe, Ravenswood; two sisters, Mrs. W.E. Burk, Ravenswood; and Mrs. Lum Flesher, Reed, W.Va.
Honorary pallbearers were Charles Starcher, Amos E. Kenney, Dr. H.L. Casto, Millard Thomasson, Giles Burdette, and C.C. Riddel.
Active pallbearers were Olen F. DeGruyter, Homer Parrish, William Stalnaker, Ruhl Taylor, Fred Wright and Howard Bartlett.
Among the out-of-town persons who attended the funeral services were Whetsel Rhodes, Ravenswood; Lawson Davis, Mrs. Ota Blue, Mr. and Mrs. George Snack, Beallsville, Ohio; Mrs. Zilpha Morgan, John Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor and Homer Cottle, Akron. 
Lowe, James P. (I0489)
32 Obituary:

Jefferson Simmons, one of the prominent citizens of Roane County, an old Confederate veteran, and one of the most noted characters in this section of the state, was laid to rest Monday in the cemetery near his home in Roane County. He was found dead in bed at his home Sunday morning.

Source: The MOUNTAINEER (Jackson Co.) 03 Oct 1913 
Simmons, Jefferson (I0458)
33 Obituary:

Jennifer Ann Roy, 20, of South Charleston died April 2, 1999, in Institute of injuries received in an automobile accident on W.Va. 25. She was a member of Power House of Deliverance Church, Dunbar, a lifelong resident of Kanawha County, a graduate of South Charleston High School and had attended Marshall University and West Virginia State College.Surviving: parents, William D. and Sharon Y. Roy Jr. of South Charleston; maternal grandparents, Helen Devontenno of Welch, Herbert Williams of Illinois; paternal grandmother, Anna P. Roy of Dunbar; maternal great-grandmother, Clara Carper of Welch; brother, Erik D.Roy of South Charleston.Service will be 11 a.m. Wednesday at First Baptist Church, Charleston, with Bishop Melvin Mosley and the Rev. William Brooks officiating. Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Park, South Charleston. Friends may call from 6 to 8 p.m. today at the church.Preston Funeral Home, Charleston, is in charge of arrangements. In lieu of Lflowers, the family suggests donations to the Jennifer Roy Memorial Fund, c/o Power House of Deliverance Church, P.O. Box 442, Dunbar, WV 25064.

Date: April 06, 1999
Source: Charleston Gazette 
Roy, Jennifer Ann (I0445)
34 Obituary:

Jess Niday, 68, of Looneyville, died Oct. 14 at his home following a long illness.
He was the son of John Andrew and Ellen Criner Niday and a member of the Epling Chapel church.
Survivors include four sisters, Mrs. Mary White of Walton, Mrs. Crilda Bowman of Looneyville, Mrs. Mansfield Harris of Marietta. O, Mrs. Phoebe Vineyard of Stockport; one brother, Bud Niday of Looneyville, one niece and two nephews.
Services were held Tuesday Oct. 16 at 2 p.m. at the home with Rev. Robert Deel officiating.
Burial was in the Niday cemetery with Vandale Funeral home in charge of arrangements. 
Niday, Jess (I0486)
35 Obituary:

Jesse Roach
Remains of Jesse Roach, Who Died
In France in 1918, Will Arrive
Here This Week
A message was received here Tuesday by G. F. Kyer stating that the body of his brother-in-law, Jesse Roach, who died of influenza in France in November 1918, had arrived in New York. The remains of the young soldier will probably arrive in Spencer the latter part of this week and will be taken to the Dry Hill Cemetery for interment.
The deceased was the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Roach of Rocksdale, and with his twin brother, Dan Roach, went into the army early in the late war. He was sent to France after a short period in a training camp, his brother being prevented from accompanying him by being in quarantine for the measles. He went through a number of battles without being wounded, but was stricken during the influenza epidemic and died after a short illness. He is survived by his parents and a number of brothers and sisters, one of whom is Mrs. G. F. Kyer of Spencer. 
Roach, Jesse (I0088)
36 Obituary:

Judith M. Rife Singleton, 54, of South Charleston, formerly of St.Albans, died Sept. 15, 1998, at home after a long illness. She was a member of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Charleston, the retired owner of Kut-N-Kurl Beauty Salon, St. Albans, and a graduate of St. Albans High School and Charleston Beauty Academy of Cosmetology. She was a member of Eastern Star Chapter 79, St. Albans.Surviving: husband, Charles William Singleton; son, Ronald S.Truman of St. Albans; stepdaughters, Teresa Lou Otte of Wheeling, Gina A. Taylor of St. Albans, Karen Lynn Belcher of Westminster, Md.; father, Charles A. Rife of Port Charlotte, Fla.; sisters, Charlotte Carper of Holly Springs, Ga., Shirley McElwee of St. Albans, Jane Sanson of Nitro; three grandchildren; nine stepgrandchildren.Service will be 11 a.m. Friday at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church with the Rev. Layton Posey officiating. Entombment will be in Cunningham Memorial Park, St. Albans. Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday at Bartlett-Chapman Funeral Home, St. Albans, where an Eastern Star service will be held at 7:30 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church,805 Price St., Charleston, W.Va. 25302 or Kanawha Hospice Care, 1143 Dunbar Ave., Dunbar, W.Va. 25064.

Date: September 17, 1998
Source: Charleston Gazette 
Rife, Judith M. (I0444)
37 Obituary:

Kenneth C. Haddox, 59, of Clendenin, formerly of Kenna, died April24, 1999, at home after a short illness.He was a truck driver for Overnite Transportation, a member of Sand Run Gospel Tabernacle and a charter member of Goldtown Communis maty Church.Surviving: wife, Shirley D. Surface Haddox; daughters, Deborah Y.Dillard of Given, Terri Dawn Haddox of St. Albans, Sue Ella Bailey of Kenna; sons, Kenneth "Kenny" Jr. of Winfield, Franklin of Kenna; sisters, Mildred Cummings of Clarksburg, Doris Carper of Spencer; brothers, Bernard of St. Albans, Edwin of Florence, Ky.; 10 grandchildren.Service will be 2 p.m. Tuesday at Goldtown Community Church with the Rev. Al Mendez and the Rev. Frank Allen officiating. Burial will be in Elk Hills Memorial Park, Big Chimney. Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today at Elk Funeral Home, Charleston, and one hour prior to service at the church. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to: Gideons Memorial Bibles, P.O. Box 2723, Charleston, WV 25330-2723; or CORE, 204 Sigma Drive, Pittsburgh, PA15238.Alice V. McCoyAlice V. Pierson Beaver McCoy of Cross Lanes died April 24, 1999, in St. Francis Hospital after a long illness.Tyler Mountain Funeral Home, Cross Lanes, is in charge of arrangements.Henry F. Moles

Date: April 26, 1999
Source: Charleston Gazette
Haddox, Kenneth C. (I0443)
38 Obituary:

Last Monday evening while the family of Mr. T. H. Lucas was at supper, Mr. Lucas' son, Ira, went to his room on the second floor and with a revolver purchased the day before from a neighbor, sent a bullet through his brain producing instant death. Some trouble over a love affair is assigned as the cause but as yet we have no definite particulars.

Source: Roane Co. REPORTER, 12 Feb 1900 
Lucas, Ira (I0094)
39 Obituary:

Last rites for Mrs. Sophronia Elizabeth Wilt, 68, were held Sunday, Rev. C. W. Pugh officiating. The body was laid to rest in the handschumacher Cemetery at Upper Glade, with Dodd and Hurt Funeral Home in charge.
Mrs. Wilt died at her home near Cowen April 17th after a long illness. She was a native of Roane County, the daughter of James and Rebecca (Wetzel) Riddle, and had lived in the community for the past five years. She was a member of the Methodist Church.
The husband, George B. Wilt, and eight children survive: Mrs. A. B. Coakley, Upper Glade; Mrs. L. L. Dunlap, Cowen; Mrs. Alma Norman, Mrs. Sarah Phillips, Fairmont; Lyda Wilt, Cowen; Mack Wilt, Jr. and Dan Wilt, Cowen; Clarence Wilt, the U. S. Army.

Source: The Webster REPUBLICAN, front page 21 Apr 1943 
Wilt, Sophronia Elizabeth (I0471)
40 Obituary:

LEFT HAND - Ross V. Carper, 77, of Left Hand, Roane County, died March 21, 2000, at home after a short illness.
He was a retired welder and inspector from Columbia Gas Co. with 35 years' service. He was a member of Masonic Lodge 83, Linden, and Bethel Baptist Church, Amma.
Surviving: wife, Gladys Smith Carper; sons, Michael of Ripley, Douglas of Chloe, Jeffrey of Spencer, Timothy of Left Hand; daughter, Sharon Carper White of Davisville; brother, Stratton of Amma; sister, Artie Welch of Big Chimney; seven grandchildren; three great- grandchildren.
Service will be 11 a.m. Friday at John H. Taylor Funeral Home, Spencer, with the Rev. Michael F. "Mike" King officiating. Burial will be in Clover Cemetery with graveside Masonic rites.
Friends may call from 6 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home.

Date: March 23, 2000
Source: Charleston Gazette
Carper, Ross V. (I0442)
41 Obituary:

Man Killed On Tuesday By Runaway
Romie C. Argabrite is Dragged To Death
By Horse, Funeral Held Yesterday
Romie C. Argabrite, well-known citizen residing about 5 miles from Liverpool on the waters of Little Creek, was killed Tuesday morning when a horse he was riding to work became frightened and ran off. Mr. Argabrite was thrown to the ground and dragged a considerable distance. He only lived a short time after his horrible experience.
Reports of the accident vary, but the best information is to the effect that Mr. Argabrite was riding astride on his way to the field to plow corn. His horse had the harness on and in some manner became frightened and ran off. Mr. Argabrite being thrown to the ground and his foot catching in a jack strap. He sustained numerous body bruises and a fractured skull.
The funeral services were held yesterday at Mt. Zion Church near Peniel. The Rev. I. A. Smith of Liverpool conducting the services in the presence of a large assemblage of sorrowing friends and relatives. Interment was held in the Mt. Zion Cemetery.
The deceased was about 54 years of age and is survived by his widow and four children, one of whom, Ofa, is an employee of the Spencer Water and Ice Co., here. Mr. Argabrite was well and favorably known in the section along the Roane-Jackson county line and his death occasioned widespread regret in that portion of the 2 counties.

Source: Roane County Reporter, Spencer, WV, May 31, 1923 
Argabrite, Romie C. (I0493)
42 Obituary:

Matilda Tilley J. Snodgrass, 72, of Charleston died June 12, 1999, in Memorial Division, CAMC, after a long illness.She was a retired nurse from Thomas Memorial Hospital with 13 years' service and a retired family practice nurse for Dr. Marshall Carper with 25 years' service. She attended Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Kanawha City.Surviving: husband, William A.; brothers, Roy Gunoe of Port Richey, Fla., Julin Gunoe of Huntington.Service will be 1 p.m. Tuesday at J.E. Johnson Funeral Home, Charleston, with the Rev. Ollie Parsons and the Rev. Wayne Chambers officiating. Entombment will be in Floral Hills Garden of Memories, Pocatalico. Friends may call from 6 to 8 p.m. today at the funeral home.Zorada Raynes Spencer

Date: June 14, 1999
Source: Charleston Gazette 
Snodgrass, Matilda Tilley J. (I0441)
43 Obituary:

McDonald Scott Chewning, 82, of Charleston died Feb. 25, 1999, in General Division, CAMC, after a short illness.He was a member of Central United Methodist Church and a retired pipeline division clerk from Union Carbide.Surviving: wife, Genevieve Carper Chewning; sons, James of Crossville, Tenn., Dean of Charleston, John of Hollywood, Fla.; daughter, Cathy Holman of Lawrenceville, Ga.; six grandchildren.Graveside service will be 2 p.m. Monday in Sunset Memorial Park, South Charleston. Wilson Funeral Home, Charleston, is in charge of arrangements.Sarah Abigail Cross

Date: February 27, 1999
Source: Charleston Gazette 
Chewning, McDonald Scott (I0440)
44 Obituary:

Melissa Dawn Lawson Perry formerly of Walton WV was killed in an auto accident in Ohio on May 17, 2004. She is survived by father, Michael Lawson of Charleston, mother & stepfather, Carolyn Starcher and Buddy Starcher of Spencer, and one sister, Cynthia Legg of Cicerone WV. Lisa also had several half sisters and 1 half brother. She was 25 years old. 
Perry, Melissa Dawn Lawson (I0436)
45 Obituary:

Melva L. Thomas, 99, of St. Albans, died Dec 5, 1996 at home after a long illness. She was a homemaker and a member of Johnson Chapel. She attended St. Peters United Methodist Church, St. Albans. Surviving: foster daughter, Mary Lou Dunlap of Sharon, PA; three nephews. Joint service with her husband, the Rev. James W. Thomas, 100, who died Tuesday, was held 1 P.M. Friday at Snodgrass Funeral Home, South Charleston, with the Rev. William Thompson, the Rev. Edward J. Stout and the Rev. John Mendez officiating. Burial was in Cunningham Memorial Park, St. Albans.


(Melva Lucas Thomas was born in Roane Co. the d/o Arletta Riley and Thomas H. Lucas.) 
Lucas, Melva (I0467)
46 Obituary:

Mina M. Curtis, 75, Gandeeville, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lenna McVay, at 2:30 P.M. Wednesday, 25 February, of a long illness. She was the daughter of J. J. Board and Lucy Ellen Rhodes. She belonged to the Methodist Church for 50 years. Her husband, Nathan Curtis, preceded her in death. Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. Lenna McVay of Gandeeville; one granddaughter and one great-granddaughter; two brothers, J. J. Board of Spencer and W. T. Board of Newton; four sisters, Mrs. Lettie Epling of Akron, Mrs. Lula Crissinger of Struthers, OH, Mrs. Minnie Fields of Charleston and Mrs. Lillie Starcher of Parkersburg.
Funeral services were held Saturday, February 28 at 10:30 at the Hardman-Conrad Funeral Home with the Rev. W. B. Leggett officiating. Burial was made in the Spencer Memorial Cemetery.

Source: ROANE REPORTER, 5 Mar 1953, p 12 
Board, Mina M. (I0473)
47 Obituary:

Mr. T. H. Lucas died at his home in Reedy Saturday morning at 4 o'clock of heart trouble. His health had been failing for many months and the end was not unexpected.
Mr. Lucas came to this county when a young man from the state of Ohio. Last fall he sold his farm on Stover Fork of Reedy and later bought a half interest in the Reedy Flouring Mill.
He was well and favorably known throughout the county with a large circle of friends who will be sorry to learn of his death. He leaves a widow and some four or five children.

Source: 06 May 1901 WEEKLY BULLETIN 
Lucas, T. H. (I0095)
48 Obituary:

Mrs. Hattie (Carper) Smith, wife of Mr. C. N. Smith, of this city, passed away last Friday at her home on Elm Street after several months of suffering from tuberculosis. She was born June 21st, 1889, to Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Carper, of Left Hand, and was married Dec. 31st, 1911 to C. N. Smith, of Chanute, Kans., and with her husband lived on Johnson's Creek until about two years ago when they moved to Spencer. She was converted at an early age and united with the Left Hand Baptist church. She was a good Christian woman and always faithful to her church and God. She is survived by husband, father, three brothers, Okey, Robert and Roy Carper, and three sisters, Mrs. Prudy King, Mrs. Ramie Harper and Mrs Joe King, all of Left Hand. Mrs Lee Goff, of this city, is a cousin of the deceased. The remains were taken to Left Hand last Sunday and funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. Herbert Smith, Monday, after which the body was laid to rest in the home cemetery.

Source: The Times-Record, Spencer, WV, March 1, 1917
Carper, Hattie (I0480)
49 Obituary:

Mrs. Chessie Lucas Bradley, 71, of 105 Hansford Dr., St. Albans, died Saturday in the Christian Nursing Home in Fayetteville.
She was a former employee of the A. W. Cox Department Store in Madison and was a member of St. Marks United Methodist Church in Charleston.
Surviving: husband, W. Bruce Bradley; sons, Kenneth of Morehead City, N. C., Glenn E., at home; Richard L. of Chicago, Ill; sisters, Mrs. O. H. Bradley of Charleston; Mrs. Melva Thomas and Mrs. Virgie Casto, both of St. Albans.
Service will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the Casdorph-Curry Funeral Home, St. Albans. Burial will be in Cunningham Memorial Park, St. Albans.
Friends may call after 6 p.m. today.

Source: Charleston GAZETTE 16 Aug 1971

(Chessie was the d/o Thomas Henderson Lucas and Arletta Riley, born Stover Fork.) 
Lucas, Chessie Dora (I0465)
50 Obituary:

Mrs. Elbert Hammack
Mrs. Bessie Lee Hammack, 62, of Palmer Twp. died at 11 p.m. yesterday in Camden Clark Hospital in Parkersburg.
She was born June 25, 1904, in Looneyville, W. Va., a daughter of Henry and Phoebe Nida Vineyard. On March 8, 1925, she was married to Elbert Hammack, who survives. Mrs. Hammack was a member of Palmer Methodist Church, Palmer Ladies Aid and Oak Hill Grange No. 2010.
Three daughters survive, Mrs. Doris Hickman of Waterford Rt. 2, Mrs. Macel Pugh and Mrs. Mable Pugh, both of Stockport Rt. 3. There are seven grandchildren. Two brothers, Holly Vineyard of Newton Falls and Noah Vineyard of Philo, and one sister, Mrs. Orpha Hammack of Charleston, W. Va., survive.
Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Friday in Palmer Methodist Church, with the Rev. Emory Moyer officiating. Burial will be in Murdock Cemetery.
Friends may call at McCurdy Funeral Home, Beverly, until one hour before the service, when the body will be taken to the church. 
Hammack, Bessie Lee (I0491)

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